Resources for electoral reform campaigns

CFER has been involved in several electoral reform campaigns locally and statewide. Local implementation of electoral reform requires: CfER's vigilance has included advocating steps to improve implementation of ranked-choice voting, and providing counterarguments to lingering opposition forces in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Before a public campaign is attempted, it's important to lay the foundations by spreading the word about election reform and making sure that key constituencies understand and support it. Even if a campaign for election reform in your community is far off, we encourage you to read through these materials to get an understanding of what it takes to run a campaign.

Introduction to campaigning (Microsoft Word format)

These sources can help you plan a campaign. (Microsoft Word format)

Should we run a high- or low- profile campaign? (Microsoft Word format)

About high-profile campaigns (Microsoft Word format)

About low-profile campaigns (Microsoft Word format)

Myths about campaigns (Microsoft Word format)

Sample charter amendment (Microsoft Word format)

How to gather petition signatures

Endorsement planning form (Microsoft Word format)

Campaign info in a ZIP file