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We are a nonpartisan coalition of Californians who believe that all citizens deserve equal and satisfactory representation in government. We are working to change California's voting methods to realize this vision.

For over 20 years, CfER has led the drive for ranked choice voting for single winner elections (e.g., mayor) and methods of proportional representation for multi-winner elections (e.g., city council).

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A quick overview of Instant Runoff Voting (also known as the Alternative Vote or Ranked Choice Voting):

A common form of Proportional Representation -- Mixed-Member Proportional Representation:

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Quote of the day "I am very strongly against one party rule of any sort. As a matter of fact, in my home town, in the election a couple of weeks ago, they elected a fully Democratic slate to the City Council. I am now arguing with some of my Democratic friends. I said, 'If you have any sense, you will realize the danger you are in. If things go wrong, you can't blame anybody else. It's your fault. And furthermore, now is a good time to discuss proportional representation.' I attended a high school where we elected the student council by proportional representation. There are several different systems, but I think the idea of 'winner take all' elections is foolish." -- Pete Seeger, January 4, 2006

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