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The Wilma Rule Award

Wilma Rule was an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. She was the author or editor of at least four books:

She also wrote numerous articles, both scholarly and popular.

She was one of the earliest members of CfER, was active on our Board from near the very beginning, and remained active in the organization as long as her health allowed. She died on January 15, 2004.

Wilma Rule was a longtime champion of women's representation. Her research challenged conventional notions about the reasons for women's lack of political representation in the United States, which is much lower than in other countries. Many advocates for women's representation hold the view that if more women simply ran for office, or if women candidates had more campaign financing, then far more women would be elected. But Professor Rule's research of electoral methods and women's representation around the world demonstrates the deficiency of that viewpoint. Her research and that of others showed unequivocally that if you want more women elected to your legislatures, the single most important change is to get rid of our 18th-century winner-take-all electoral system in favor of more modern "full representation" electoral methods.

As a strong believer in proportional representation, Wilma was concerned that our growing interest in IRV would distract us from our primary mission of PR. We owe it to her to not let that happen, and in her memory we have created the Wilma Rule Memorial Award, awarded to that person or persons who have done the most to advance the cause of proportional representation in California during the preceding CfER year.

Steve Chessin

Previous Recipients

June 24, 2017 for accomplishments during 2016-2017

June 25, 2016 for accomplishments during 2015-2016

July 18, 2015 for accomplishments during 2014-2015

June 21, 2014 for accomplishments during 2013-2014

June 29, 2013 for accomplishments during 2012-2013

June 30, 2012 for accomplishments during 2011-2012

June 18, 2011 for accomplishments during 2010-2011

May 15, 2010 special career award

May 30, 2009 for accomplishments during 2008-2009

May 10, 2008 for accomplishments during 2007-2008

May 19, 2007 for accomplishments during 2006-2007

May 20, 2006 for accomplishments during 2005-2006

May 14, 2005 for accomplishments during 2004-2005

May 22, 2004 for accomplishments during 2003-2004