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We are a nonpartisan coalition of Californians who believe that all citizens deserve equal and satisfactory representation in government. We are working to change California's voting methods to realize this vision.

For over 20 years, CfER has led the drive for ranked choice voting for single winner elections (e.g., mayor) and methods of proportional representation for multi-winner elections (e.g., city council).

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A quick overview of Instant Runoff Voting (also known as the Alternative Vote or Ranked Choice Voting):

A common form of Proportional Representation -- Mixed-Member Proportional Representation:

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Quote of the day "Instant run-off lowers the likelihood of attack campaigning. It disfavors those who appeal to the extremes. Candidates have to address not just their core supporters, but also the supporters of other candidates who might make them their second-choice. With candidates positioned more towards compromise, eventually elected officials will also be poised more toward compromise--diminishing the polarization in politics that has done so much to harm our electoral process and depress voter participation." -- Tom Campbell, former U.S. Congressman (Republican) and State Senator

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